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Hello, Welcome Back!


Hello, Welcome Back!

How Pilates Helped Me

Nov 16, 2021

I was suffering from Degenerative Disk Disease for a long time and it only got worse overtime. I was always against taking any painkillers or synthetic medicine as it was only a cure to a symptom and not to the root cause of the problem, so I thought my last option was to get lumbar surgery. However, my doctor advised me to undertake rehab therapy sessions 3 times a week for 3 months at St. Lukes before opting for surgery.

During the 3 months of rehabilitation, I only noticed a small improvement but nothing significant. This is when a friend of mine encouraged me to try Pilates for the first time. It was ultimately a life changing decision for me. I was very emotional after my first Pilates session with my Physiotherapist Andrew Arbollente, who is now the chief Pilates instructor at Fit to Live. For the first time, the pain that I constantly lived with was gone.

I raved to my doctor about how Andrew carefully and methodically approached my lower back problem session after session. My doctor was convinced this was helping me and encouraged me to continue doing Pilates. Eventually, he even started recommending Pilates to other patients with Degenerative Disk Disease.

Realizing that I have to be fit and healthy to live, I began advocating my journey in recovering from severe lower back pain through natural alternatives without going through surgery or taking medication. And this is how Fit to Live was born.

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