Hello, Welcome Back!


Hello, Welcome Back!

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Here at Fit to Live, we have a curated team of top Pilates instructors and experts. Years of accumulated experience and a wide variety of certifications under the belt, makes for a dynamic Fit to Live team ready to meet every individual’s needs. We have some pretty awesome people on the Fit to Live team who hustle everyday to give all our clients the best customer experience and deliver quality fitness products.

Fit to Live is conveniently located in the Parkwest Building in BGC where there is easy access to free parking. At the studio, we are fully equipped with a wide variety of Pilates equipment from Align Pilates. All machines and workout equipment are regularly and meticulously disinfected before and after each use. We pride ourselves in maintaining high standards of cleanliness in the workout area and in our facilities. Find out more about what we do to keep out studio Covid-free here (link to safety protocol video) 


How Pilates Helped Me

Cristina Metelmann

I was suffering from Degenerative Disk Disease for a long time and it only got worse overtime. I was always against taking any painkillers or synthetic medicine as it was only a cure to a symptom and not to the root cause of the problem, so I thought my last option was to get lumbar surgery. However, my doctor advised me to undertake rehab therapy sessions 3 times a week for 3 months at St. Luk...

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Mission Statements

Ingrained into the core of the Fit to Live DNA is our mission to help people. We want to spread awareness about the importance of movement and exercise in our lives and how Pilates can play a big role in not only improving physical and mental well-being, but also in healthy aging and maintaining full-body mobility into old age.

Vision Statements

We envision a world that is less reliant on surgery and pain medication to fix all our health problems. Fit to Live wants to play a role in providing access to natural alternatives through the raw power of Pilates for the people who need it most.